Digital Marketing

How to Set Social Media Goals in 2020

Create the Most Effective Social Media Marketing Plan There’s a vast sea of social media information out there. Experts are everywhere and there are just so many opinions on best practices and tactics. Not only that, but the platforms themselves are constantly changing, whether it’s adding new features, increasing character limits or otherwise changing the…

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Where Social Media Is Headed in 2020

Social Media Trends to Watch A social media marketing strategy is on the minds of many small business owners. And if it’s not on yours, it should be! The major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram battle for market shares by adjusting their business models to balance providing better returns for shareholders with improving…

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YouTube and Social Media Marketing

The backlash against traditional advertising is generating a surge in the use of Social Media Marketing to promote on the internet. Marketers are increasing turning to this powerful tool to reach their audience, and this is where their audience is. Alexa ranks YouTube, Facebook and MySpace in the top websites visited daily. Twitter is not…

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Social Media Marketing Packages – 7 Essential Ingredients

A social networking site is that platform where web users can connect, share, communicate, interact, and develop a business relationship with your company. In simple words, these users are your potential customers who may buy your products or avail the services offered. This is also known as relationship marketing and social media marketing packages help…

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