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Blog Design – 3 Ways to Redesign Your Blog

Does your blog have an outdated design? Does your current design look unattractive? Do you want to attract and retain your visitors? If you have an outdated or unattractive design for your blog it may turn off your visitors. Website owners often fall in love with their own design without seeing it from their visitor’s…

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Putting Google AdSense On Your Blog And Profiting

Google AdSense is a great program for webmasters looking to earn more money with their website. This is a very popular program because there are a lot of website owners who have an audience, writes good content, and keeps their site up to date. But when it comes to making money with their site, they…

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Hosting a Single Website or WordPress Blog

Web hosting is developing everywhere throughout the market with an extremely quick speed, all new and old organizations and people now want to have an online presence. For them to achieve this, they have to make their business accessible on the web, by uploading their sites on various web servers on the internet. Here by,…

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SEO Tips For Your WordPress Blog

Do you think that your WordPress blog is not faring well on the World Wide Web? There could be many probable reasons for it; the primary one being that your WordPress blog is not properly optimized for search engines. Today, thousands of new blogs get posted on the Internet every day. However, only some of…

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Backlinks and WordPress Blog Themes

What is a backlink? A backlink is a form of recognition of the importance of one website by other websites. It simply means your URL address is being referred to by other websites. Your URL address may be printed visible to the readers or something embedded in any of the words or texts inside a…

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How to Block Spam Comments in Your WordPress Blog

How Spammers Reap What You Sow. Is your in-box clogged with junk email messages and blog comments from people you don’t know? 86% of all email addresses published on web pages received spam. Spam is something every webmaster and blogger has to deal with. Spam is the unregulated, irrelevant and unsolicited bulk messages filled indiscriminately…

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